Expert in AI, Race & Privacy

Photo credit: Disruption Network/Photographer is Maria Silvano  Berlin 2019

Photo credit: Disruption Network/Photographer is Maria Silvano

Berlin 2019


Nkonde conducts qualitative research on the impact AI Technologies have on Black communities.

Legislative Work

While working as an AI Policy advisor Nkonde was involved in the introduction of the following bills to the House of Representatives:

  • Algorithmic Accountability Act, 2019

  • Deep Fakes Accountability Act, 2019t

  • No Biometric Barriers in Housing Act, 2019

    These were the outputs of her Data & Society Fellowship Program

Press Coverage

She writes widely on race and AI. You can find her work in the following outlets.


Mutale Nkonde is the Founding Executive Director of AI For the People (AIFTP) a non-profit that uses popular culture to educate Black communities about the civil rights implications of the integration of AI systems into public life.

Prior to this, she worked in AI Governance and was part of the team that introduced the Algorithmic and Deep Fakes Algorithmic Acts, as well as the No Biometric Barriers in Housing Act. She is currently a fellow at the Berkman Klein Center of Internet & Society at Harvard University.

She speaks about

  1. AI Governance

  2. Surveillance Technology

  3. Black communities and online disinformation

  4. The use of culture to spread messages about AI/Social Justice

Academic Publishing

Nkonde’s work is also cited in Academic literature


Please the following attribution when quoting Mutale Nkonde in the press

Mutale Nkonde, Executive Director AI for the People & fellow Berkman Klein Center, Harvard University



Ms. Nkonde is a seasoned speaker and discusses AI, Race and Governance across the globe:

October 2019

  • 2nd Researching Algorithmic Decision-Making Systems, Berlin, Germany

  • 7th CUNY Graduate Center, New York City

  • 18th Privacy and the Census, Brooklyn, New York

  • 18th Decoded Future Conference New York City

  • 29th University of Washington, Seattle, WA

  • 31st AI and Education University Pennsylvania, PA

November 2019

  • 2nd Blackish in 2020 Launch, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

  • 5th MIT Documentary Lab, Cambridge, MA

  • 28th - 1st AI Radical Futures, Keynote A More Just Technology, Hamburg, Germany

December 2019

  • 10th Oxford University, Essex College, United Kingdom


March 2020

  • Black Enterprise Women of Power Conference, Las Vegas, NV

April 2020

  • 17th Information Architecture Conference, Key Note, New Orleans, LA

May 2020

  • 8th University of California at Irvine, Los Angeles, CA



Mutale spoke at a major event (400+ people) at the Toronto Public Library on the social cost of the information age, and she shone on our stage!

During her discussion with other expert panelists, we witnessed the depth and breadth of her knowledge on issues ranging from AI ethics/governance to how technology replicates social injustices/problems. More importantly, she used her charm and intelligence to break down complex issues into relatable stories that the audience could learn from.

— Jorge Amigo, Senior Producer , Toronto Public Library, June 2019
Mutale Nkonde’s Keynote at Disruption Network Lab in Berlin contributed in sensibilizing police makers, technology experts, journalists, human rights advocates, researchers and artists on the impact of AI technologies on the globally marginalized.

Her speech analyzed in depth the discriminatory applications of facial recognition on communities of color. Thanks to her research we were able to reflect on interventions that provoke political and social change in civil society, adopting a conscious approach to technological development.

Mutale’s work at the intersection of politics, technology, and society is very precious, and we look forward to developing further synergies in the field of of human
rights and technology
— Tatiana Bazzichelli, Founder & Director, Disruption Network Lab, Berlin, Germany


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